“Birb birb”

The LazyBirbs NFT Collection are essentially just lazy and chonky birbs. They like to wear silly items like rainbow hats, VR-goggles, inflated tube for aquatic activities, and much more. Watch out for those who have their brains out. They might want to take a bite!

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More NFT collectibles are coming!

Stay tuned for more!

January 2021

Minted the first 100 of a 10,000 series of the LazyBirbs

We finally hit our first goal! We went live with our first part of an awesome and cute NFT collection 🎉 Behold the LazyBirbs V2 on OpenSea.io 🥳

Late December 2021 // Early January 2022

Found HashLips and started the process

This made the process quadrillion times easier, and we got to work.

December 2021

Sketching, planning and learning stage

A lot of time went into learning about making layers, put them together and so on. I’m not an experienced coder, and at this point I almost lost hope.

November 2021

The idea behind LazyBirbs was born

My 9-year-old wanted some cute drawings of some lazy chonky birbs for her chonky cat Pineapple.