About LazyBirbs

Behold the mighty LazyBirbs! Here are the unique representatives of the portentous LazyBirbs NFT collection.

LazyBirbs is a collection of 10,000 birbs, each with its own unique fun stuff & equipment.

The collection is inspired by my 9-year-old daughter that wanted to draw some chonky birds to her chonky cat, Pineapple.

What are birbs?

“Birb” is an internet slang term to refer to birds; usually featuring birds that are exceptionally cute, humorous, and most notably smol.


The LazyBirbs are constructed from over 320 different handmade layers with help of a handy code from HashLips – HashLips Art Engine. No 2 are alike.

How to get one?

You can see a list of all the birbs for sale on OpenSea.io.

We are familiyyyy

In our world, we go by our gaming names.

Admiral General Aladeen

Father and illustrator

I’m the father and illustrator of all the layers for this NFT collection.


The best consultant in the world

She is the real mastermind behind this NFT collection.
Young and inspirational ❤️

Any inquiry, please contact me on email | contact@lazybirbs.co |
or Discord | AdmiralGeneralAladeen#3446 |